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Monday 15th August 2016 – KEWOPA / AWEPA Project on establishment and launch of the women Members of County Assembly Caucus in Kilifi County

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The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) is a membership association of all women parliamentarians drawn from across all political parties both elected and nominated in the Senate and National Assembly.

Our Vision - Women and men are equitably represented in parliarment and decision making in public and private spheres to promote sustanable development.

Our Mission - To promote the advancement of parliarmentary democracy by enhancing knowledge & understanding of democratic governance and facilitate the networking of women parliarmentarians for the socio-economic and political development of Kenya.

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Member of the Week

Hon Beatrice Nyagah, MP

Constituency: Tharak Nithi
County: Tharaka Nithi County
Political Affiliation: TNA/Jubilee Party

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The Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill Senate Bill No. 16 of 2015

With the August 27th deadline for the realization of a formula to achieve the two thirds representation in parliament barely a week away, Parliament is yet to come up with a formula for this. There is progress however; following the failure of the National Assembly to vote for the progression of the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill [No. 4] ‘Duale Bill’ at the second reading on 5th May 2016, a similar Bill introduced on 10th of February in 2016 by Sen. Sijeny in the Senate which also proposes to respectively amend Article 97 and 98 on the composition of the National Assembly by providing for a top-up mechanism (through nominations) for any gender deficit after an election.

This is the same formula used to determine the composition of County Assemblies under Article 177(1) (b). The amendment provides that members elected on affirmative action seats may only serve for two terms. Provisions of this amendment will take effect after the 2017 elections with a sunset clause of 20 years for review and monitoring of progress, this applies in the County Assemblies too.

The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill (Senate Bill No. 16 of 2015 [The Two Thirds Gender Bill]) by Sen. Sijeny having gone through the first and second reading is scheduled for a vote this afternoon. The vote will determine whether the Bill goes to the National Assembly for the next phase. Should the Bill pass in the Senate today, it then moves to the National Assembly for a final vote before presentation for Presidential assent.

Without any other Bill in place with a formula on achieving the two thirds principle in parliament, the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill (Senate Bill No. 16 of 2015) by Sen. Sijeny presents the best chance of achieving the formula before the deadline. The Senate in realization of the importance of this Bill will be holding a special sitting today, 18th August, 2015 to discuss among other Bills the Two Thirds Gender Bill.

From the last debate in the Senate, the Bill has received support from majority of the Senators with a few issues raised over the Sunset Clause, a factor that has since been discussed and agreed upon. The vote today presents an opportunity for Parliament to reinforce its stand on supporting gender equality as per the constitution and what waits to be seen is whether the commitment goes beyond words and into actions.


- KEWOPA / AWEPA Project on establishment and launch of the women Members of County Assembly Caucuses
County:1) Kisii County 2) Bomet County 3) Nyandarua County 4) Nyeri County 5) Laikipia County 6) Garissa County

- Monitoring and Evaluation of the KEWOPA/UNWOMEN Mentorship      project on strengthening women’s voices and contributions in Parliament, County Assembly and within political parties.

- KEWOPA/UNWOMEN Mentorship project on strengthening womens voices and contributions in Parliament, County Assembly and within political parties.

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1. Legislative Function
Contributed towards the realization of the family Bills:- Marriage Act 2014 and the Matrimonial Property Act 2013 and Protection Against Domestic Violence Act

2. Representative function
Trained over 300 women members of county assembly and community leaders on the gender responsive budgeting guidelines and political party participation under the National Democratic Institute Programme.

3. Political parties function
Leadership and mentorship training for KEWOPA Members including a peer to peer mentorship program where the more experienced members mentor the first time members of parliament, a mentorship programme for women member of county assembly.

4.Institutional strengthening function
Increased technical staff (Programmes, Finance and Administration) at KEWOPA Secretariat from 5 to 9 to support the increased number of Women Members of Parliament.

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