Events Calendar

  1. Opening of Parliament and swearing in of Members of the 12th Parliament.
  2. KEWOPA/NDI – Induction meeting for Women Members of the 12th Parliament and the County Assembly
  3. Induction meeting for Personal Assistants to the Women Members of the 12th Parliament
  4. Review of the KEWOPA Strategic Plan
  5. Donor roundtable for KEWOPA Partners and stakeholders
  6. KEWOPA/NDI – KEWOPA Secretariat staff capacity development

Welcome to KEWOPA

The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) is a membership association of all women parliamentarians drawn from across all political parties both elected and nominated in the Senate and National Assembly.

Our Vision - Women and men are equitably represented in parliarment and decision making in public and private spheres to promote sustanable development.

Our Mission - To promote the advancement of parliarmentary democracy by enhancing knowledge & understanding of democratic governance and facilitate the networking of women parliarmentarians for the socio-economic and political development of Kenya.