Parliament, 9th March 2016; The Kenya Womens Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) celebrated the International Womens Day by mobilizing the male Members in Parliament to ‘pledge for parity’ by supporting the realization of the two thirds gender bill in parliament. The exercise involved mobilizing male Members to sign up a pledge to support their female counterparts in pushing for gender equity in leadership by supporting gender responsive legislations.
“The decision to involve our male colleagues acknowledges that building a gender equitable society requires social transformation, and social transformation requires all members of society—women and men—to work toward that goal, today’s event to mobilize male Members of Parliament is our inclusive approach to fosters cooperation among all members towards gender parity which will increase the likelihood of realizing gender responsive Bills starting with the two thirds Bill, said KEWOPA Chair, Hon. Cecily Mbarire.

The event supported by UN Women through the #HEFORSHE campaign and in partnership with Parliament, brought together over 200 members of parliament with over 120 male members signing up to support gender parity and reaffirming their commitment towards the realization of gender responsive bills in parliament. The Members who took part in the exercise were sensitized on the essential role of gender equality in the social development of the country.
“The involvement of women at all levels including here in parliament is key in the push for parity, working together with our male colleagues in parliament is key in the realization of transformational and inclusive societies; we recognize their contribution and their pledge this day presents the kind of leadership that we need in this country, said Caucus 47 Chair Hon. Priscilla Nyokabi.
The event held today is part of a series of activities and events to lobby support for the realization of the two thirds gender bill that will be brought to the floor of the House for discussion later in the month.