1. Contributed towards the realization of the family Bills:- Marriage Act 2014 and the Matrimonial Property Act 2013 and Protection Against Domestic Violence Act.
  2. Spearheading the push for the realization of the two thirds gender principle as proposed by the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2015 (No. 4), that was previously introduced as a private members bill by KEWOPA Chair Hon. Mbarire in the National Assembly and Senator Sijeny in the Senate.
  3. Developed gender responsive budgeting guidelines for Parliament.
  4. Developed a Members Handbook on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.


  1. Trained over 300 women members of county assembly and community leaders on the gender responsive budgeting guidelines and political party participation under the National Democratic Institute Programme.
  2. Currently undertaking a mentorship and capacity building programme in 16 regions counties/constituencies across the country on women participation in politics under the UN Women programme that seeks to advance and encourage more women to take part in politics and run for office in accordance to the constitutional provisions of gender balance in political leadership.


  1. Leadership and mentorship training for KEWOPA Members including a peer to peer mentorship program where the more experienced members mentor the first time members of parliament, a mentorship programme for women member of county assembly, as well as mentorship training for community aspiring women leaders and youth. Add our pool of mentees that we can claim.
  2. Formation of 10 KEWOPA Chapters across the country that will support and push for increased number of women parliamentarians at the county level and the national level as well as to advocate for increased attention to issues affecting women at the county level.


  1. Increased technical staff (Programmes, Finance and Administration) at KEWOPA Secretariat from 5 to 9 to support the increased number of Women Members of Parliament.


We explain in detail our plans for KEWOPA